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Choosing and purchasing your insurance plan through an agent is completely FREE! Agents are paid through commissions that are already built into the cost of a plan, so the price is the same whether or not you buy through an agent. Some of the benefits of buying through an agent include:

  • Aid in applying for government subsidies

  • Personalized plan recommendations

  • Support throughout the year

  • Claims advice

Affordable Care Act Plans

The ACA Marketplace can be difficult to navigate, and enrollment is limited to only a six week period. I will explain the types of coverage, lay out the plan choices across multiple providers that align with your needs, and give my professional recommendation. I will also guide you through the subsidy process, as well as the payment schedule and how it will relate to your income taxes for the year.

Individual and Family Plans

For those who are not eligible for ACA or are looking for specific coverage not offered in the Marketplace, I will help you find the plan that aligns with your situation for the best possible price across the providers in your area.

Self-Employed Plans

Self-Employed individuals have multiple options when it comes to healthcare: group insurance, HRAs, ACA plans, short term insurance. I will consult with you about your business goals and finances, then help you choose the healthcare path that will best support you and your business.

Short Term and Special Enrollment Plans

Whether you have recently lost workplace employment, turned 26, or another circumstance outside of the open enrollment period necessitating immediate coverage, I am here to navigate the off-season options with you. This could be a long-term plan or temporary coverage until the next calendar year; we will find what's right for you!